Curry Indian Butter Chicken – Recipe List

Recipes using Curry Indian Butter Chicken Blend

Our Indian Butter Chicken Blend can be used for so much more than just chicken! Check out our recipe list below using this blend in a range of different ways:

  1. Indian Butter Chicken
  2. Aromatic Butter Chicken
  3. The Spice People and My Market Kitchen Butter Chicken Wings video
  4. Creamy Indian Butter Fish

Indian Butter Chicken

A classic take on a family-favourite Indian dish that sure to satisfy. Our Curry Indian Butter Chicken blend is mild in heat so suitable for everyone.

Aromatic Butter Chicken

My Market Kitchen’s take on Butter Chicken using a range of our spices. You can also make this using just one spice – our Curry Indian Butter Chicken blend. The quicker and easier way to enjoying your favourite dishes at home.

The Spice People and My Market Kitchen Butter Chicken Wings video

My Market Kitchen’s recipe for quick and easy party finger food. Spicy, crunchy, and delicious chicken wings with a crunchy spiced crumb.

Creamy Indian Butter Fish

A different take on Butter Chicken using firm white fish and our Curry Indian Butter Chicken blend. Healthy, delicious, and very easy.

  • Indian Butter Chicken Spice – Mild

    Product Description

    Our Indian Butter Chicken spice is a delicious spice mix made up of Indian herbs and spices. It is quite mild, emphasising the beautifully fragrant spices and the deliciously intense sauce. The mild flavour of this curry makes it suitable for all the family. It is best used after toasting it off in the pan on low heat before adding your other ingredients to awaken all the wonderful aromas. As the spice blend is not traditionally a hot one, many add Cayenne pepper to intensify its heat.

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