Curry Madras Blend Mild – Recipe Collection

Recipes using Curry Madras Spice Blend

We have a wide range of recipes using our mild Madras blend so you can make authentic Indian at home.

  1. Keralan Green Bean Vegetarian Curry
  2. Goan Prawn Curry
  3. Oven-Baked Madras Palak Chicken
  4. Madras Meatball Curry

vegetarian bean curry

Keralan Green Bean Vegetarian Curry

A mild, vegan curry made of tender green beans in an authentic curry sauce inspired by the Indian Keralan region using our Curry Madras Blend – Mild.

Goan Prawn Curry

Juicy, plump prawns cooked in a creamy coconut curry sauce spiced with our Curry Madras Blend – Mild.

Oven-Baked Madras Palak Chicken

Succulent chicken thighs marinated and cooked in a creamy spinach sauce with the added spice of chilli, ginger, garlic, and our Curry Madras Blend – Mild.

Madras Meatball Curry

A fusion take on a Madras curry. Bite-sized meatballs infused with flavour and cooked in a sumptuous sauce curried with our Curry Madras Blend – Mild.

  • Curry Madras – Mild

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    Curry Madras – Mild

    Product description

    Madras Curry blend is characterized by a delicious rich earthy tangy flavor, mild heat, and intense yellow color. Although it is not a traditional Indian spice blend, its history goes back to British colonial rule and the city of Madras in southern India.

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