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Cook with Authentic flavour and bespoke blends created by our spice experts.

Recipes you'll love.
Variety you crave.
Flavours that will inspire you.

Our bundle packs are designed to help you get inspired and enjoying your time in the kitchen. Each bundle contains all the spices you’ll need for the fortnight, along with a correlating recipe for each night and a budget-friendly shopping list of under $5 per person a night.  Each recipe has an easy-to-follow guide with never more than 6 simple steps and never more than a 15-minute prep time. At the base of each recipe are protein-alternative and dairy-alternative suggestions as well as a veg option included to suit a range of diets and tastes. Get inspired and enjoy dinnertime in a new way.

How It Works:

We have carefully curated each bundle, simply follow the steps below:

Select Your Bundle

Choose the Meals-in-Minutes Bundle that suits you.

Download Your Recipes

Once purchased, get the Meals-in-Minutes booklet sent right to your inbox and download them to your device.

Follow The Shopping List

Follow our carefully curated shopping list.

Get Cooking

The fun part! Simply follow the recipes and have fun in the kitchen!

What You Get:

Our bundles are more than just spices.
Bespoke spice blends from around the world
Easy-to-prepare recipes
Carefully curated shopping lists

Why Use Us:

Just a few reasons to choose The Spice People

As a small business ourselves, we wholeheartedly believe in and encourage supporting local businesses. With our bundle plans, you have the luxury of choosing who you’d like to shop with – supporting your local food producers and purveyors.

Our bundles take the hard work of dinner planning from you but not the control. With our bundles, you’re in control of choosing the ingredients you put in, which means you can sub, add or remove anything you like.

Our dinner needs are as unique as each other, which is why all of our recipes are designed to be ultra-flexible when it comes to serving and portion sizes. Each one can be easily augmented or condensed to suit your needs and preferences.

Easy Meals for Two On a Budget - Buy the Bundle Now

Your one-stop guide for two-weeks’ worth of delicious, easy dinners for two, all for under $13 a night!

Between working, exercising, taking some ‘me’ time and getting the house work done, dinner is often the last thing on our minds. Being ill-prepared often leads us to the hordes of takeaway menus in the drawer resulting in expensive meals and our nutrition falling by the wayside. 

Well, put down those takeaway menus because we’ve come up with a list of 7 easy nutritious meals for dinner or lunch showing you that with just a little forward-planning and a cleverly curated shopping list, it’s easy to produce healthy meals for two on a budget. 

We’ve comprised a shopping list for you along with some standard staples we think every pantry should have including 4 of our versatile spice blends that help you add maximum flavour the quick and easy way. 

We’ve made our list based on Woolworths supermarket prices to give you a basic ballpark but you can adapt it to any grocer you like.

Each meal has an easy-to-follow recipe guide with never more than 6 simple steps. 

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