Enjoy Flavors With Chinese Five Spice Powder

Chinese cuisine has always been a favorite among nations all over the world, especially the other Asian countries. You will be able to find Chinese food being sold both at the road side stalls and at exclusive restaurants. Chinese cuisine has lip smacking options both for vegetarian and non vegetarian eaters. You may not have realized it, but much of Chinese food is prepared using five spice powder.

What does Chinese five spice powder contain?

This important Chinese spice powder contains a combination of the following spices:

  • Chinese cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Sichuan pepper
  • Fennel seeds
  • Star anise

The name ‘five spice’ is given because the total number of spices here are five. Its flavor resembles licorice, and is due to the presence of star anise. Sweet and warm flavors in the mix are a result of cinnamon and fennel. Although Arabic cookery incorporates seven spices, it can also make use of this Chinese spice powder.

How to use Chinese five spice

This amazing spice mix is helpful not just for food, but also for drinks. Here are the top uses of this mix:

  • Use it for different kinds of roasted and grilled meats for aromatic flavors
  • Get spicy and warm kicks from cocktails with the Chinese five spice mix
  • Sprinkle it over breads, cookies, and muffins
  • Use it as a marinade for pork, duck, chicken, and beef
  • It is suitable as a glaze for pork, chicken, and grilled ribs, along with a tinge of honey and brown sugar
  • You may add a new flavor to stir fries with this. It can easily counteract the smoky and fiery chipotle powder in sweet and spicy potato wedges.
  • You can add sweet notes to broccoli and beef. Orange rind may also be added to these dishes.
  • It adds a wonderful flavor to spiced nuts. Once added, you will be able to make out the toastiness in the nuts.
  • Want to taste oatmeals with a twist? Add the Chinese five spice mix.
  • Soup flavors taste more distinct with the addition of this spice mix. You will love the flavor it is able to impart to chicken noodle soup.

One can also use the mix to make pickle brine, which is commonly used in several Asian households to preserve fruits and vegetables. No vegetarian entrées or snacks will ever taste bland with the addition of the mix. You will be able to prepare several sauces as well as marinades for vegetarian items with it.

Use carefully

Chinese five spice is very potent, and so it must be used only in moderation. Its potency can be kept intact when it is used in small amounts and is kept in a cool and dark place. It can completely alter the flavor of the dish you plan to serve. This can be understood from the fact that even though salt is not part of it, the mix is still able to provide a salty flavor. You can increase the saltiness of a dish by simply adding the five spice blend, which behaves as salt.