Everything to know About the Harissa Spice Mix

One might have found many types of chili powder, but one that stands out as unique from others when it comes to garnishing and using as a condiment is the harissa mix powder. It is used in many North African Cuisines. It originated from Tunisia and slowly spread to other parts of Africa. Today many people use this paste by either preparing it at home or buying it from grocery stores.

It has a vibrant color and scent that is perfect to use as a condiment. Use it the way one wants either just by trying it in the natural form or by mixing oil and garlic to use it in paste form. Harissa Spice mix has a powdery consistency and smokey flavor that makes food tasty and provides an exotic aroma. More often it is used as a condiment by mixing with olive oil and lemon juice.

Harissa paste is obtained by grinding and mixing several spices to achieve the flavor. Hot peppers, oil, and various other spices make it perfect for making food enticing. Many African countries use this as a condiment and use in curries. So, try some great cuisines from Africa to taste the harissa spice mix.

A foodie always finds different ways to satisfy his love for food by experimenting with different types of cuisines and flavor. If someone has a penchant for spicy food, he should definitely taste this chili paste backed by a dash of lemon juice and garlic. The peppers used for its preparation are red, baklouti peppers, and serrano peppers.

What Are the Different Types of Recipes One can Make?

It is a versatile chili powder mix that can be made in a different form. Create your unique blend of spices by mixing and matching different spices to create your required blend. Some recipes can be prepared by mixing coriander, paprika or cumin while others can be prepared with mint.

Just a dash of this powder works its magic on various dishes like lamb tagine to using on chicken breast. With the use of a little tomato sauce and using with lime, it can make food tasty and tangy. Whether one is looking to make chicken or fish, use this paste to give actual flavor to the food being prepared.

Try harissa powder on the food prepared on a barbecue, on spiced lamb patties and use a spoon full on bread-crumbed chicken burgers. All these types of food items will become tasty and delicious instantly with the powder mix. Can food become more-tasty and aromatic with any other chili paste? Probably not as much as with harissa powder. Try the harissa powder recipe to cook a variety of African dishes.

No matter what, always buy quality backed harissa paste either from a grocery store or from an online store. There cannot be any other way to buy quality herbs and spices. Research well online to see different options when it comes to spices. It is also important to store spices carefully as much as it is important to buy quality backed spices. Store spices in cool and dry places to ensure they retain their flavor and smell. The same goes for buying and storing harissa spice mix powder.