Proudly Australian-owned and operated with over 23 years in business, The Spice People is dedicated to providing our customers with the best spices and herbs from around the world.
The Spice People all began with one person passionate about sharing her knowledge for spices and wholesome cooking from around the world. The Spice People’s founder, Liz is regarded one of Australia’s most highly-esteemed experts and a go-to guru when it comes to spices with a wealth of knowledge and a fantastic team that is happy to help with any spice-related queries you may have.
Below you’ll find our most Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not answered below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we’ll be more than happy to help!

At The Spice People, you have two options to access our extensive range of herbs and spices.
The Spice People now stocks in over 150 stores both nationally and internationally. To find your nearest stockist, Click Here to visit our Stockists page and simply click on your state to find a store close to you.
Alternatively, you can conveniently buy online on our website. Simply follow the respective links on the Shop tab.

This depends where you are located and the products you wish to order.
If you’re an overseas customer that wishes to make a purchase, please get in touch with us for a time and cost estimate.

Your security, privacy and online safety is of chief importance to us and we put every measure in place that we can to keep all of your personal details safe and confidential. Click here to read more about our Privacy Policy.

The leaf of a plant used in cooking is known as a herb. Any other part of the plant, often dried, including buds (cloves), bark (cinnamon), roots (ginger), berries (peppercorns), aromatic seeds (cumin) or even the stigma of a flower (saffron) are all spices.

Our herbs and spices are sourced from all over the world, however, we try to source home-grown Australian ingredients where possible. We list the country of origin for each product on both our website and the product packet.

Each of our products come stored in a high-barrier resealable protective pouch to lock in freshness. After each use, simply seal your pouch by pinching the top seals firmly together and store in a cool dry place like your pantry to ensure a fresh and flavoursome product every time.
Each of our packets are a handy streamline design for easy, tidy storage. We recommend dedicating a box or set of mini drawers to keep your herbs and spices neat and organised for easy access.
Our spices are of the highest quality and some which are in seed forma can be kept for several years before they dehydrate and loose flavor, herbs and powders will generally keep well for more than 12 months as long as you use the reseal on the packet and squash the air out before re sealing.
If you are cooking regularly we expect that you will need to replace or run out of certain herbs and spices at least every 6 months. We know that everyone is busy and there is nothing more frustrating when you plan to make a dish and you have run out of one of the herbs or spices you need. We at the spice people want to make it easy for you and will send you a reminder email after 6 months which will offer you a special discount restock your spices so you don’t run out of your favorite spices again.

We are well-practiced in the art of spice blending but are not qualified health practitioners. We do however believe eating a healthy and balanced diet is fundamental for overall body wellness. Many spices have added health benefits and can aid in things like digestion when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. On our website, we share a little about the health benefits some of our herbs and spices have however, we recommend you consult a medical professional for further advice.

Yes, we have organic certification by the ACO. All organic certified lines will have the aco logo on the packet, On our website it will be clearly stated on each product description if this item is organic as the packet images we have currently display only the regular packaging. We are continually adding organic lines to our range.

Gluten (in the form of wheat starch) is not added to our spices. If it is, it will be clearly stated within the ingredient listing on the label, However, in some instances we cannot guarantee that products don’t contain traces of gluten, due to cross contamination during harvesting, transportation or processing.
We are a gluten-free manufacturer, however , due to the small risk of contamination in post harvest processes so we advise those that suffer from coeliac disease consume products at their own discretion.

No, we are not certified halal or kosher. Most spices are acceptable to both halal and kosher users and as we do not add any artificial ingredients of animal or seafood products to our spice blends, they should be acceptable as well. All products feature a detailed ingredient list for your reference.

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