How Healthy Is Chai and Which One Is Right for You

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What is Chai?

Created in India around 9,000BC, Chai is one of the world’s most ancient brews that’s been used to restore and refuel for centuries. Traditionally made up of ayurvedic (an Ancient Indian philosophy and medicine) spices and Assam black tea, Chai is a warm drink enjoyed around the world by many that is most commonly brewed as a tea with hot water or a latte with warm milk. Its combination of invigorating tea and warming spices makes it a popular energizing drink in place of tea or coffee.

What is in Chai?

The traditional more well-known Chai we find at cafes and restaurants today is a 50-50 blend of spices and tea. The spices in chai are a combination of whole and freshly-cracked: Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Star Anise, Ginger, Fennel.

Here at The Spice People, we have 5 variations of chai blends in our range: 3 100%-spice brews and 2 that are a combination of chai spices, tea, and other ingredients.

The Herbal Chai – A simple and pure brew that’s made from 100% master chai spices.

Hibiscus and Mint Chai – A light, refreshing drink enjoyed hot or cold that’s a combination of our master chai spices and sweetened naturally with hibiscus flowers and fresh mint.

Golden Spice Chai – A warming, golden blend that’s 75% chai spices and 25% Turmeric Alleppy Ground.

The People’s Chai – Our version of the traditional well-known Masala Chai we referred to above. This blend is a combination of 50% master chai spices and 50% black masala tea.

Chilli Choc Chai – A sweet and spicy brew that’s 85% chai spices and 15% Assam black tea that’s blended with cocoa, Ancho Chilli, and Cayenne Pepper.

How Healthy is Chai?

The traditional blend of master chai spices used in a classic blend are said to have healing and restorative benefits. In ancient Ayurvedic philosophy, they are considered to be “sattvic,” meaning calming, vitalizing, and mentally clarifying. Each spice has its own health benefits:

  1. Cinnamon – to aid in digestion, increase circulation, and increase energy levels
  2. Cardamom – to help with lung, kidney, and heart function as well as boost mood levels
  3. Clove – Used for its antiseptic qualities to relieve pain and help with healing. The compound found in clove is also said to elevate the benefits of other spices
  4. Black Pepper – aids in circulation and works to speed up metabolism and digestion
  5. Nutmeg – a calming spice for the body that is known for its benefits to the skin
  6. Star Anise – an immune-building spice that’s used world-wide for aiding with colds and sickness
  7. Ginger – used to increase body circulation, help with digestion, and relieve nausea
  8. Fennel – to help with blood pressure regulation and skin problems

Blends like our Golden Spice Chai and Chilli Choc Chai have added benefits from their extra ingredients like Turmeric Alleppy Ground for its anti-inflammatory properties, and cocoa for magnesium and Chilli Ancho and Cayenne for immune-building and metabolism-boosting.

All of our chai brews are also sugar-free making them a healthy option for an afternoon hot drink. Our Golden Spice, Herbal, and Hibiscus and Mint blends are also caffeine-free to aid in calming one’s nervous and adrenal system.

How to Make Chai Tea Latte

To make your own chai tea latte at home, follow these simple steps:

  1. Place 1tbsp of your chai in a wide-mouthed teapot fitted with a fine-mesh strainer.
  2. Pour a small amount of hot water into the teapot to wake up the spices.
  3. Place a small saucepan on low heat with 1 cup of milk of your choice.
  4. Bring the milk to a gentle simmer until small bubbles begin to form around the outside – this means it’s about 60 degrees.
  5. Gently pour your warmed milk into the teapot and allow to brew for a few minutes, until a warm caramel colour appears.
  6. Pour into a mug and enjoy!

Click Here for a video tutorial of our founder Liz showing you how to make the perfect chai at home.

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  • the people's chai

    The People’s Chai

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    The People’s Chai

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    We believe great-tasting; healthy chai should be natural. There is no need for additives or sugar or anything else. Our spices are freshly cracked and use ayurvedic wisdom to create a brew overflowing with flavour. The mixture of chai herbs and spices gives a great aromatic taste and a warm flavour. It tastes great with any milk, and if you prefer it sweeter, simply add a little honey.
    150g pack of The People’s Chai- Makes 15 cups in total.

  • herbal chai

    Herbal Chai

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    Herbal Chai

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    This brew is for the pure of heart. It’s simple and stripped back to the essential traditional chai spices that have been enriching people for thousands of years. Our Herbal tea is a careful mix of aromatic spices creating a delicate and flavoursome brew. It’s warming, invigorating and soothing, like a hug from someone you love. There is no need for milk, simply infuse our herbal tea in hot water. And if you prefer it sweeter, simply add a little honey.

    The pack includes – 1 x 150g packs of Herbal Chai. Makes up to 30 cups in total.

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  • golden spice chai

    Golden Turmeric Chai Spice

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    Golden Turmeric Chai Spice

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    Golden spice chai, Golden grind, Golden milk/ Mylk or turmeric latte – an unlikely combination of milk and turmeric root – is 2016’s drink of choice.”Golden milk” is among the top online searches associated with the spice. Turmeric lattes are now being sold at cafes from Sydney to San Francisco, and the drink is gaining fans in Australia. The taste when balanced with chai spices is a very enjoyable, creamy smooth brew with the subtle blend of chai spices. A perfect way to increase turmeric and other chai spices into your diet if curries are not your thing. The brew can be made with hot water or any milk.

    SKU: D01908

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