Indian Lentil Dahl Mild Blend – Recipe List

Recipes using Indian Lentil Dahl Blend

Our complete recipe list showcasing our flavourful, mild blend – Indian Lentil Dahl.

  1. Indian Dahl Lentil Curry
  2. South Indian Rice and Fish Soup
  3. Amaranth Lentil Curry
  4. Spinach and Paneer Lentil Dahl
  5. Keralan Fish Curry

Indian Dahl Lentil Curry

Our take on a traditonal Lentil Dahl using our authentic blend Indian Lentil Dahl Blend.

south indian rice and seafood soup

South Indian Rice and Fish Soup

A spicy soup of flaky white fish, tender lentils, creamy coconut milk and flavoured with chilli, ginger, and our Indian Lentil Dahl Blend.

Amaranth Lentil curry

Amaranth Lentil Curry

A wholesome, warming recipe by our guest recipe writer – The Spice Adventuress using our Indian Lentil Dahl Blend.

Spinach and Paneer Lentil Dahl

Firm, flavourful paneer cheese cubes in a creamy sauce spiced with Indian Lentil Dahl Blend alongside tender lentils and wilted spinach.

keralan fish curry

Keralan Fish Curry

A fragrant mild curry using flaky, tender fish cooked in a creamy curry sauce. I’ve added some veg to this version to pad it out, as well as our Indian Lentil Dahl Blend to add all its spices in one handy hit.

  • Curry Lentil Dahl – Mild

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    Curry Lentil Dahl – Mild

    Product description

    Dahl is a mild curry made from dried lentils, peas, or beans, which have been made into a thick soup or stew. The spices are aromatic rather than hot and are added just before serving. Our lentil dahl blend is based on an authentic recipe from Southern Kerala in India. It is dark yellow in colour and is widely used in Indian, Nepali, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, and Bangladeshi cuisine. This is the go-to spice blend for any vegetarian or vegan cook. Its versatility is only limited by one’s imagination.

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