Love your Mum ❤️, love Chai ❤️, Love Merino ❤️ – An Exclusive 2020 Mother’s Day Celebration

A special offer❤️ – celebrating Mother’s Day ❤️with Love Merino❤️.


Pip and I grew up together in the local Wellington district of NSW and I’ve known her and her husband, Norm, since we were small. So when Pip asked me to team up with her amazing brand, Love Merino, I jumped at the opportunity. I love the personal connection and satisfaction that comes with working with good friends and particularly one I admire so much. I’ve watched Pip and Norm grow this wonderful business from the ground-up and what a delight it’s been to see them living out their passion for sustainable, paddock-to-user practices. As a paddock-to-plate producer myself in my company, I resonate so strongly with a brand producing goods the sustainable and ecological way; sourcing only raw, traceable materials to provide consumers with the best product possible whilst preserving our beautiful earth. I’ve always been a firm believer that the least amount of processes always result in the best products and this must always start with the highest quality raw materials.

Here is a video of our chai on My Market Kitchen with the lovely Emma Dean in 2019 . Chai is not only a great drink but funt to use in baking. ps A wonderful idea for mothers day breaky

When first discussing a potential collaboration during a catch up over a cup of chai with Pip (one of our shared favorite pastimes), we were discussing what each of us loved about the others’ business, ethos and philosophies and so many coincided and lined up, but one, in particular, kept coming up – how much we love being, and supporting, women in business. After this being such an obviously strong stand-point for us, we knew a Mothers’ Day collab was a no-brainer. It’s a day dedicated to supporting and showing appreciation for the strongest, most influential woman in a persons’ life, and if there’s a way we can help to facilitate that, then we’re in! After spitballing a few ideas of potential products we wanted to include in our collaborative prize pack, we came up with the combination of one of Pip’s stunning Love Merino scarfs and my bespoke chai blends – a match made in cozy, luxurious heaven.

As a happy owner of one of these incredible scarfs myself, I knew you, my Spice People community would just love them. Made from butter-soft Merino wool, these handmade pieces are the coziest, warmest cold-weather companions and I’m rarely seen without it wrapped around my neck when cold weather strikes or I’m cuddled up on the couch (with a mug of chai in-hand, of course). Love Merino products are worn and loved by everyone from newborn babies to great-grandmas and the extremely high quality of them means they last and last. Not to mention the added bonus of it being a totally family-run business that is committed to staying 100% Australian, despite many cheaper options to go offshore – this family is dedicated to quality and boy does it show! Pip has collaborated with local designers to create these bespoke designs and each piece is handmade and hand-dyed – you can really see and tell the level of consideration that has gone into producing each garment, right up to the way you receive your piece in the post – each one is presented and packaged with so much attention to detail and care, with a little piece of fleece wool to keep and show where it all started and it carefully enclosed in a box, all wrapped in a beautiful satin ribbon. It’s a ready-made gift for Mum that I know, as one myself, she will just love!

It’s been an absolute joy to partner up with not only one of my best and oldest friends, but a business I resonate and align so strongly with, and a product I absolutely love! I’m so glad we’ve been able to join forces to create a truly special collaboration and bring our customers together to create a women-supporting-women community that’s all about female empowerment through sustainable, 100% home-grown businesses and practices and treating ourselves and each other to a little luxury – the eco way.

A gift from The Spice People and Love Merino

❤️ Love your mum ❤️, love chai,❤️ Love Merino!❤️In celebration of Mothers, we’re giving you the chance to win a beautiful Mother’s Day prize pack. The pack includes all 6 of The Spice People’s bespoke chai blends, plus an exclusive Japanese Hario Glass Teapot, and this stunning Love Merino Classic Scarf made from the softest 100% pure Australian Fine Merino Wool. This prize pack is worth a whopping $404.70 and could be yours.

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