Make Your Dish Appetising With Smoked Salt


Seasoning the food with salt is the best ally for any cook. Salt can impart great texture, great flavours, and enhance the food’s colour when used properly. You can ramp up your barbeque cooking with Smoked Salt; it will augment the flavour profiles and add a subtle smoky and taste that’s just delicious.

Smoked salt in Australia is nothing but an aromatic salt that is smoked with select bark-free woods. It may take over 14 days for the process. The flavour imparted to the dish can range from bold to subtle or even sweet. This is dependent on the kind of wood that is used for smoking. The most common choices include applewood, alder, oak, mesquite, and hickory. Smoked salts are especially popular for their dynamic flavour profiles.

How Should You Use Smoked Salt?

As A Substitute for Bacon Crumble

Vegetarians can certainly rejoice here! You can sprinkle smoked salt on a salad, devilled eggs, or in a vinaigrette dressing. Well, you don’t have to compromise on the fully-flavored crunch or the punch that bacon may bring on to the table!

As A Dry Rub for Meats

Smoked salt can be used either alone or combined with a large number of spices. Roll salmon or ahi tuna in the rub before you go plank roasting or pan searing. Add smoked salt to your ground beef spice combo and give a delicious new taste to your homemade burger patties. You can seal in the moisture and add great flavours to roasted chicken as well. To create extra brawn, use the salt with ribs or steak before you can throw them on the grill.

As the Savoury to Your Sweet

Why would you want to choose between sweet and savoury when you can have the best of both the worlds? Grind smoked salt over homemade toffee fudge or buttered popcorn. Add in some delectable toasted crunch to your salted caramel ice cream. Crank up the smoky flavour and complement the sweet by using it on roasted peaches along with bourbon syrup. Now, got those taste buds tingling?

For A Better Snack

Add smoked salt over a bowl of juicy and sweet melon or on a ripe and meaty tomato slice. Nibble your smoked salt-roasted caramel apple or smoked salt -roasted pumpkin seeds. This will undoubtedly make you wonder why you have never explored this delicacy before!

For Potatoes and Pastas

Mash some smoked salt with baked sweet potatoes or on your favourite potato salad recipe. Well, you may have a savoury sensory overload, but do not worry. You can use smoked salt on macaroni and cheese or to finish the rich, creamy pasta.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with smoked salt. Your guests will simply love the exotic delicacy induced by this salt variety. Its time to taste, compare, and enjoy your new-found love in cooking!