Mexican Mole Poblano Blend – Complete Recipe Collection

Recipe collection using our Mexican Mole Poblano Blend

  1. Mexican Mole Poblano Sauce
  2. Chicken Mole Poblano with Tortillas and Salsa
  3. Vegetarian Mole Enchiladas
  4. Slow-Cooked Beef Mole Poblano

Mexican Mole Poblano Sauce

An authentic Mexican rich, spicy, and chocolatey sauce using our Mexican Mole Poblano Blend. Used as a base to add depth and spice to many Mexican dishes.

mexican chicken mole

Chicken Mole Poblano with Tortillas and Salsa

Tender chicken in its rich, sumptuous mole sauce spiced with our Mexican Mole Poblano Blend and served with soft tortillas and salsa.

mexican vegetarain enchiladas with mole sauce

Vegetarian Mole Enchiladas

Using a medley of veg and our Mexican Mole Poblano Blend to make a deep, bold mole sauce encased in soft tortillas and baked.

Slow-Cooked Beef Mole Poblano

Slow-cooked tender beef in a rich chocolate sauce spiced with our Mole Poblano Blend.

  • Mexican Mole Poblano – Mild

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    Mexican Mole Poblano – Mild

    Product description

    Used to make the rich, chocolatey sauce traditional to Mexico, Mole Poblano. This Mexican sauce is a true delicacy full of the deep rich flavours of cocoa, tomatoes, and the spiciness of this exotic Mole spice blend. Use traditionally to make this delectable sauce or use the spice mix to create a wonderful depth of Mexican flavour in your slow-cooked meat dishes, to add a little kick to your beans, or even sprinkle on some steaks before grilling. This blend has been used in Mexican cooking for eons and we can certainly see why!

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