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  • Black and White Sea Salt Flakes Blend

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    Black and White Sea Salt Flakes Blend

    Product description

    This blend is made from our black and white sea salt flakes, they are used to flavour various recipes both savoury or sweet. Australian Sea salt is obtained using a more complex process than table salt, which includes evaporating seawater. Due to this process sea salt contains trace minerals and nutrients that table salt does not have.

    Black salts are one of the most unique gourmet salts on the market, sourced from different corners of the earth, and each with their own distinct characteristics. Their bold flavours and dramatic colours make them perfect use as finishing salts, drink rimmers, and on food with contrasting colours.

    The spice people stock and use only Australian harvested sea salts in their mixtures and blends as well as these individual salt products: sea salt flakes and seaweed salt.

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