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  • Kampot Pepper White

    Product description

    Kampot Pepper is a unique pepper from Cambodia that’s origins trace back to the Kingdom of Angkor in the 13th century. The pepper berry is picked once it’s reached its full maturity and turned a bright red colour. Kampot Pepper White is found at the core of the pepper berry. Once extracted, the white core is then sun-dried. This rare and unique pepper is a true delicacy and one of the highest quality peppers in the world. Kampot Pepper White has a clean, peppery aroma and a smooth flavour with a slow-building heat that echoes notes of fresh-cut grass and lime.

    SKU: A00018
  • Coriander Leaf

    Product description

    Coriander, also known as cilantro, is an incredibly popular herb due to its versatility in a variety of cuisines. The leaves impart a fresh sweet lemony taste which counters the heat of many Asian and Indian dishes. The leaves are usually associated with Asian food especially in Thai and Indian cuisine as well as being popular in Mexican, Spanish and Portuguese cooking.

    The spice people carry coriander as coriander leaf, coriander seeds ground and coriander seeds whole.

    SKU: B0027
  • Curry Indian Lamb Masala – Mild

    Product description

    This easy-to-use and versatile curry from India is considered a simple but all-purpose curry mix that makes a thick gravy with medium heat. Combined with lamb it produces an intense and richly flavoured curry.

    SKU: B0036
  • Nutmeg Ground

    Product description

    Nutmeg is a unique, versatile, and sweet spice. It is the dried, large, and hard seed of a pear-shaped fruit. It is finely ground, has a brown colour, and contains a high oil quantity. Has a warm aromatic flavour that complements a diversity of foods, particularly sweet dishes. Its ground form is generally preferred for baking when a pre-ground powder is more convenient.

    The Spice People carry these nutmeg products; nutmeg ground and nutmeg whole.

    SKU: B0074
  • Chai Sprinkles

    Product description

    Chai Sprinkles is a delicious chai spice blend to add the finishing touches to any chai latte. Our unique spice blend is sugar-free and complements the spices used in chai tea blends. With warming cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger plus a hint of cardamon and cocoa these sprinkles are a great addition to any pantry.

    This delightful spice blends can be used in so many ways to increase that hint of sweetness without the addition of sugar or honey.



    SKU: D01906
  • Chives Freeze Dried

    Product description

    Chives are long thin herbs belonging to the onion and garlic family. Freeze dried chives are small sections of the larger full herb, and have a similar light and spicy flavour to the fresh version. They can be added to almost any variety of dish or used as an attractive garnish. It is key ingredient in many French Herb blends.

    SKU: B0021
  • Chilli Angel Hair

    Product description

    Angel Hair Chillies are extremely thin threads of sun-dried red chilli that make a beautiful garnish or add a light chilli warmth to dishes. Angel hair chilli has an extremely mild fruity flavour and can be used as-is, soaked in warm water or stock, or roasted. Originating in the Tianjin region of Northern China, these delicate threads are a stunning addition to any cuisine.


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  • Basil Leaves Dried

    Product description:

    Basil is one of the most frequently used culinary herbs. It has a fresh and sweet aroma with hints of anise. It is crucial to Italian cooking, and often called for in French, Indian, Asian, and Greek cuisine as well. The fresh herb is commonly used in pesto.

    SKU: B0005
  • Oregano Ground

    Product description

    Oregano, one of the most popular herbs worldwide, is a member of the mint family and often called wild marjoram. It is a small herb with dark-green leaf and is known by its bold, warm, balsamic herb flavour, with a slightly bitter taste. The ground version is often used for convenience. Its strong flavour marries well with tomato and basil making it a vital ingredient for authentic Italian and Greek cooking. It is also perfect addition to garlic for Mediterranean, Philippine and Mexican cuisine.

    SKU: B00781
  • Powdered Smoke Mesquite Blend

    Product Description

    Powdered Mesquite Smoke blend is the perfect and easy way of adding a delicious smoky flavour eliminating the need for the smoking process. Add to your marinades or simply sprinkle on during the grilling process, it’ll taste like your meat has just come from the smoker!

    Try our other smoky blends such as Manuka Smoke Powder, Hickory Smoke Powder, and Smoky BBQ Rub, or give all a try with our Smoky BBQ saver bundle!


    SKU: B00922
  • The Spice People Custom Stainless-Steel Spice Grinder Pair

    Product description

    We at The Spice People are excited to release our very own premium stainless-steel grinder set. Create your own freshly ground herb and spice seasonings perfect for the grill master.

    Make unusual bespoke blends such as Ground Chipotle Chilli and Sea Salt for a spicy salt idea. Or Dried Porcini Mushrooms and Pink Himalayan Salt for the perfect finishing touch on a pasta or pizza. Try adding Garlic Granules and Crushed Dried Chillies for a perfect simple meat rub. Or simply use it for your classic Salt and Pepper. The only limit is your imagination.

    For more spice combination ideas and save 20% with our grill master spice bundle 10 pack click here


    • Fully adjustable high-strength ceramic grinding rotar
    • Stainless steel lid for no mess
    • Sensitive adjusting knob
    • Each box contains 2 refillable grinders
    • BPA free high-quality solid glass container
    • Easy to clean and refill
    • Each grinder is 13cm x 7cm with 150ml capacity
    SKU: G03115
  • Sage Leaves

    Product description

    Sage leaves are from a small perennial herb native to the Mediterranean, that have greyish green leaves. It has a strong, astringent, sweet savoury and peppery flavour and a fresh aroma reminiscent of balsamic. It is an essential herb for pork and poultry stuffing. Commonly used in Italian cooking, particularly with veal. Also, it is good with cheese dishes, eggplant, lame, soups, stews, turkey and vegetables.

    SKU: B0095
  • Mexican Taco Spice Mix – Mild, Salt-free

    Product description

    Our Mexican Taco spice mix is all you need to bring the authentic flavours of Mexico to your tacos. This mix has a big hit of flavour yet is very mild in heat so is perfect for the whole family. Although it has been specially blended with tacos in mind, this delicious blend can be added to just about any dish for a Mexican twist. Our flavourful blend is also a salt-free one so is a much healthier alternative to many of the other bottled sauces and blends on the market.

    SKU: B00651
  • Chile Pasilla Negro Whole

    Product description

    Pasilla Chilli is the dried version of the Chilaca Chile. Its name is derived from the word “Pasa” in Spanish, and means “little black raisin”. It is one of the most popular Mexican chillies. It has a wrinkly, long, purple pod, with reddish overtones similar to ancho chilli peppers. It has a herb-like aroma and liquorice notes and is considered a chilli with mild heat. It is not only a key ingredient in the Mexican cuisine for making the “mole” sauce along with the Ancho and Mulato chillies but also is great for making any kind of sauce.

    SKU: A00011
  • Dill Seeds Whole

    Product description

    Dill seeds are a fragrant herb with light brown oval seeds. The seeds have a similar anise flavour to the tips, but they are more robust. They are most commonly used for pickling. They are used in Greek, Turkish and Slavic cooking. The seeds have a flavor similar to caraway but also resemble that of fresh or dried dill weed. Commonly used in European cooking in conjunction with its leafy counterpart for seafood such as salmon gravlax.

    The Spice People carry dill as: dill leaf tips and dill seeds whole.

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