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    Smoky bbq spice kit

    Smoky BBQ Spice Kit

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    Smoky BBQ Spice Kit

    • Smoky BBQ spice kit includes:

      1. Smoky BBQ spice pack valued at $38.45, including 10 of our favourite smoky BBQ blends – This Smoky BBQ spice kit equips you with everything you need to be a BBQ master just add meat! The perfect bundle gift for a passionate cook or starter pack to get those creative juices flowing. This great value pack includes: Chipotle chilli powder, Ancho chilli powder, chillies crushed, Mexican tex mex, New Orleans cajun spices, Jamaican jerk spice, smoky bbq rub, smokey paprika, hickory smoke powder, and a small  himalayan pink salt. Great variety for whatever delicious BBQ dish your mood calls for. These blends add immense flavour without the hard work.

      *click on each individual spice to find out more about them!

      2. The Spice People custom stainless-steel spice grinder set valued at $16.99,Features include:

      • Fully adjustable high-strength ceramic grinding rotar
      • Stainless steel lid for no mess
      • Sensitive adjusting knob
      • Each box contains 2 refillable grinders
      • BPA free high quality solid glass container
      • Easy to clean and refill
      • Each grinder is 13cm x 7cm with 150ml capacity

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    $62.95 $47.95