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  • Sesame Seeds White whole

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    Sesame Seeds White whole

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    Sesame Seeds White are tiny, flat oval seeds from the sesame plant whose pods pop open when it reaches maturity scattering the seeds, hence the term “Open Sesame”. The seeds can have different colours including white and black. Sesame Seeds White are hulled seeds, with an earthy, nutty flavour, soft texture, and aroma of lightly caramelized milk, vanilla, and honey. For this reason, they are better suited for sweeter recipes such as cakes and sesame bars and are the most popular used in cooking. White seeds are sprinkled on bread & biscuits. The ground form makes delightful sweet desserts including halva. They are popular due to its distinctive flavour especially in European, South Middle East and Asian cuisine, while sesame seeds Black are used in East Asian cuisines in both dishes and as a garnish. We also stock Sesame Seeds Black.

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