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    Mexican Tex Mex – Mild

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    Mexican Tex Mex – Mild

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    A perfect blend for those who like it spicy. This versatile blend of chilli powder, sweet paprika, cumin, oregano, garlic, onion, brown sugar, and salt is great for taco seasoning or in chilli con carne. It also makes a great base for dishes such as Hungarian goulash, stews and soups. This spicy blend gives a Tex Mex aroma and flavour to many dishes.

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    Smoky BBQ Collection -10 pack

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    Smoky BBQ Collection -10 pack

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    Smoky BBQ spice pack valued at $38.45, including 10 of our favourite smoky BBQ blends – This Smoky BBQ spice kit equips you with everything you need to be a BBQ master just add meat! The perfect bundle gift for a passionate cook or starter pack to get those creative juices flowing. This great value pack includes: Chipotle chilli powder, Ancho chilli powder, chillies crushed, Mexican tex mex, New Orleans cajun spices, Jamaican jerk spice, smoky bbq rub, smokey paprika,  hickory smoke powder, and a himalayan smoked salt.  Great variety for whatever delicious BBQ dish your mood calls for. These blends add immense flavour without the hard work.

    *click on each individual spice to find out more about it!

    Culinary Notes:

    • Use our Mexican Tex Mex blend for our recipe for Mexican BBQ Pork Ribs
    • Marinate some chicken marylands in Jamaican Jerk Seasoning for a huge flavour impact
    • Brush your steaks before placing on a searing hot grill with some New Orleans Cajun Spice for a classic BBQ flavour
    • Rub our hickory smoke powder on a beef brisket cut before placing in the slow cooker for smoky pull-apart meat
    • Brush your corn cobs with olive oil and chipotle chilli powder before grilling on the BBQ
    • Rub some himalayan smoked salt and smokey paprika on a whole butterflied chicken before BBQ-ing
    • Sprinkle some ancho chilli powder on some salmon steaks before grilling for a spicy hit