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  • Powdered Smoke Mesquite Blend

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    Powdered Smoke Mesquite Blend

    Product Description

    Powdered Mesquite Smoke blend is the perfect and easy way of adding a delicious smoky flavour eliminating the need for the smoking process. Add to your marinades or simply sprinkle on during the grilling process, it’ll taste like your meat has just come from the smoker!

    Try our other smoky blends such as Manuka Smoke Powder, Hickory Smoke Powder, and Smoky BBQ Rub, or give all a try with our Smoky BBQ saver bundle!


    SKU: B00922
  • set of 2 grinders

    The Spice People Custom Stainless-Steel Spice Grinder Pair

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    The Spice People Custom Stainless-Steel Spice Grinder Pair

    Product description

    We at The Spice People are excited to release our very own premium stainless-steel grinder set. Create your own freshly ground herb and spice seasonings perfect for the grill master.

    Make unusual bespoke blends such as Ground Chipotle Chilli and Sea Salt for a spicy salt idea. Or Dried Porcini Mushrooms and Pink Himalayan Salt for the perfect finishing touch on a pasta or pizza. Try adding Garlic Granules and Crushed Dried Chillies for a perfect simple meat rub. Or simply use it for your classic Salt and Pepper. The only limit is your imagination.

    For more spice combination ideas and save 20% with our grill master spice bundle 10 pack click here


    • Fully adjustable high-strength ceramic grinding rotar
    • Stainless steel lid for no mess
    • Sensitive adjusting knob
    • Each box contains 2 refillable grinders
    • BPA free high-quality solid glass container
    • Easy to clean and refill
    • Each grinder is 13cm x 7cm with 150ml capacity
    SKU: G03115