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Barberries are an important ingredient in Iranian cookery, and you're most likely to find them in a Persian or Moroccan restaurant. Increasingly, they are now available to purchase as a dried product. Barberries keep very well and rehydrate within 10 minutes and can be added to slow cooked dishes or rice pilafs. Traditionally, they were highly valued for their high pectin levels and used extensively in jam and jelly making. Barberries have a wonderful tart lemon tangy flavour which adds zest and tartness to any dish and their vibrant red colour gives a warm hue and richness to dishes.

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Culinary Notes:

With a unique tart and tangy flavour akin to lemon, these Barberries add a beautifully zingy burst of flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes, as well as a little touches of red-hued jewels throughout.

Health benefits:

The plant has a reputation for increasing the longevity. Barberries mixed with warm natural remedies like cinnamon and honey leads to liver strength and treats Polydipsia caused by liver weakness and gastric problems. They are high in vitamin c and help improve the immune system.


100% Dried Barberries

Country of origin:


Other names or spelling:

Zereshk, pipperages

How to use:

  • To rehydrate: soak them for 10 minutes in cold water, drain, then sauté gently in oil and a splash or two of more water, until they begin to swell
  • Sprinkle them on to a dish of rice or couscous or strew over pot-roasted chicken
  • For an incredible lamb rub, grind the dried berries in your mortar & pestle with salt and pepper
  • Make into a stuffing mix with chopped almonds, cooked rice and onions, all laced with cumin and coriander - perfect for lamb
  • They make a stunning addition to homemade mincemeat, along with orange zest and cinnamon

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