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Caraway seeds are the seeds of the caraway fruit. They have a pungent aroma and a unique sweet-tangy flavour. They can be used whole, in their powdered form, or as an oil. They are native to Europe but have spread to the Middle East and the Mediterranean. They are used in a variety of dishes in these areas, including rye bread, sauerkraut, goulash, and Havarti cheese. The spice people carry caraway in both whole and powdered varieties as caraway seeds ground and caraway seeds whole.

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Culinary Notes:

Caraway Seeds Ground is also referred to as Meridian Fennel or Persian Cumin. The caraway seed has a pungent aroma and a distinctly sweet but tangy flavour. Caraway Seeds Ground add a unique flavour to carrots, potato and cabbage dishes. Most commonly grown in farming regions of India and Holland, it is often used to flavour rye bread, sauerkraut, sausage, cheese, cabbage and soups. It is also widely used in German and Middle Eastern cooking. The seeds are extracted from the plant, dried and then ground to preserve flavour and aroma. It will blend smoothly into sauces and bread dough, adding a strong caraway flavour without altering texture.

Health Benefits:

Caraway is a good source of minerals and has many health benefits. It is a rich source of dietary fibre which helps with digestion. It contains many minerals including; iron, copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, selenium, zinc and magnesium.


100% dried Ground Caraway Seeds

Country of origin:


Other names or spelling:

Meridian fennel, persian cumin, caraway fruit, persian Caraway, Roman Cumin, Wild Cumin, Carum carvi

How to use:

  • Traditionally used in sauerkraut, coleslaw, goulash, stews, cheese, rye bread, seed cake, and pork roasts
  • It is also used in many middle eastern spice blends
  • Sprinkle over sweet potato, carrot, or pumpkin with olive oil before roasting
  • Caraway ground is best added at the beginning of cooking to allow the spices to bloom and release their volatile oils
  • Due to its pungent flavour, add 1/2 a tsp at a time and taste as you go

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