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A delicate combination of fragrant oregano, savoury garlic, and sweet paprika, our Greek Gyros blend is what Greek cooking is all about – simple, fresh, and oh so delicious. When classic Greek street eats come to mind, you can’t go past Gyros. Each packet has a recipe on the back of the packet or you can scan the Qr code and choose one of our other favourites! Servings: 8 Packet wt: 25g
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With a cuisine almost as old as time, Greek food is driven by four prominent ingredients – garlic, oregano, lemon, and olive oil, laying a classic flavour foundation for almost all Greek dishes, whether sizzling hot gyros or a crunchy Greek salad. Traditionally made from spiced beef mince on a spit, lamb and chicken soon followed, and now, without a doubt, Lamb Gyros is Greece’s most iconic snack food. Designed to be eaten with your hands, Gyros are pockets of pita bread loaded with fresh salad, tzatziki, and meat freshly carved from the searing-hot spit. The uses of this versatile blend, however, extend far beyond the famous Gyros and can be used to add a touch of Greek flavour to just about anything!
Greek Gyros Roast Chicken with FetaA fresh Greek twist on a family favourite Lamb Greek Gyros WrapsGreece’s most prized flavours and ingredients bundled into soft tortilla wraps Greek Grilled Fish Gyro-StyleA taste of the Mediterranean Sea ideal for those balmy summer evenings Mushroom Greek Gyros Wraps Juicy sauteed Mushrooms, with tomato, capsicum and avocado in a soft tortilla wrap

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