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Hibiscus is a small flowering plant, which grows in tropical regions. The flowers are colourful and trumpet shaped. Dried petals are bright pink and have a sweet and pomegranate like flavour.

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Culinary Notes :

With a sweet pomegranate-like flavour, Hibiscus Flowers add a fruity, floral flavour and beautifully pinky hue to sweet dishes, teas, cocktails, or used as a finishing garnish on cakes.

Health benefits:

Hibiscus flowers have many health benefits. It contains vitamin C. It is a natural diuretic, controls blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. Also, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


100% Dried Hibiscus Petals

Country of Origin:


Other names or spelling:

Flor de Jamaica, roselle, carcade, karkadé

How to use:

  • Use to make hibiscus tea by boiling the petals
  • Use to make the Egyptian drink karkade or the West African drink bissap
  • Use to make the Mexican drink "Agua de Jamaica"
  • Use to make jams, preserves, spices, soups, sauces and marinades
  • Use on baked goods
  • Use in sweet dishes or as a garnish
  • Rehydrate in boiling water to release their flavour to use in cooking, or add to champagne and cocktails for a wonderful floral flavour

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