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Pink Sea Salt Its colour varies over a spectrum from red to white, the most common being pink. Sea Salt is known to have more health qualities than that regular rock salt. It helps to improve hydration in the body by absorbing water at a more rapid rate and balances out the body's blood sugar levels. It also helps to prevent and release muscle cramping. As well as in cooking, the salts can also be used in baths for a soothing muscle soak or as a body scrub and exfoliator.
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Culinary Notes:

Sea salt is considered the purest salt available and is much healthier than common table salt as it contains 84 trace mineral components. Sea Salt is known to have more health qualities than that regular salt. As one of the world's most versatile seasonings, Pink Sea Salt can be added to just about any dish - during cooking and after.  


100% Pink Sea Salt

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How to use:

  • Use it similarly to normal salt, crush, grind or dissolve it on your dishes
  • Serve as condiment
  • It can be used to make an elixir that is beneficial for the body called sole. It is a drink made by using water and Pink Salt.

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