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Panch Poran is a mild Indian blend from the Bengali region used to add a warm flavour to curries and vegetable dishes, particularly potato and cauliflower. The name Panch Poran means 'five spices' or in this case are five seeds with a colourful and beautiful flavour. This is a popular ingredient used in dishes from Bangladesh, some parts of India and Nepal. It consists of nigella seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, mustard seeds and cumin. For best results and to get the best flavour and aroma from your mix, toast before adding to your dish.

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Culinary Notes:

A textural and fragrant blend of nigella seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, mustard seeds and cumin, Panch Poran is a traditional Indian blend from the Bengal region. Used to add fragrance, flavour and texture to dishes, this versatile blend can be used in curries, rice dishes, roasted veg and meat and even grilled fish.

Health benefits:

All of our blends are full of beneficial spices to your health. Therefore, consuming Indian Panch Poran is a good way to incorporate the health benefits of nigella, fenugreek, fennel, mustard and cumin to your diet.


Made from imported and local spices; nigella, fenugreek, fennel, mustard and cumin.

Other names or spelling:

Padkaune masala, panch puran, panch phoran, panchphoran, panch phutana

How to use:

  • For a better flavour fry the seeds before using them
  • Use to add flavour to Indian dishes
  • It can be used whole if slow cooking or roasted and ground
  • Use with fish, lamb or pork curry and eggs
  • Use 1tbsp to 500g of protein
  • Use as a dry rub over meat before grilling or roasting for an aromatic outer crust
  • Sprinkle over veg before roasting in the oven for a twist on a classic
  • Replace an array of spices in a dish with this one handy blend
  • Bloom in a warm pan briefly until fragrant before adding your other ingredients or before sprinkling the spices over rice dishes as a finishing seasoning

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