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Product Description

The Kashmiri Chilli is a variety of chilli known for its intense red colour and lower heat rating, making it ideal to use in tandoori, butter chicken and rogan josh curries. They are dried and finely ground before adding to curries, soups, stews or even as a finishing sprinkle for a spicy heat. It is widely used especially in Indian cuisine, but also Mexican, Asian and Italian dishes.
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Culinary Notes:

Kashmiri chillies are a popular milder chilli that imparts a great red colour to dishes. You can identify dry Kashmiri chillies by their medium size, cone shape, wrinkles, and dark red colour. Kashmiri chillies are very commonly ground into a powder before using to enable an even distribution of the chilli without compromising on flavour or aroma. By drying and grinding down the chilli peppers it adds a smokey caramelised flavour that that of a fresh chilli does not have. Due to the mild flavour of the Kashmiri Chilli, it is ideal to use in tandoori, butter chicken and rogan josh curries. It is widely used especially in Indian cuisine, but also Mexican, Asian and Italian dishes. Kashmiri chillies are ideal when you want that mild zing and the enticing red colour but also moderate spiciness without the intense heat. We at the Spice People believe Indian savoury dishes are incomplete without a dash of Kashmiri Chillies Ground.

Health Benefits:

All chillies contain capsaicin which is known to have many health benefits including boosting the immune system, eliminating inflammation and aid to weight loss.


100% dried Ground Kashmiri Chillies

Country of Origin:


Other Names or Spelling:

Aji, Red Pepper. Botanical Names: Mild Chillies: (Capsicum annum) Hot Chillies: (Capsicum frutescens) Fruity Chillies: (Capsicum baccatum) Extra Hot Chillies: (Capsicum chinense) Hairy Leaved Chillies: (Capsicum pubescens).

How to Use:

  • 1/8 - 1/4 tsp is all that is needed to add some heat to dish
  • Use in curries, marinades and spice rubs
  • Use to enhance many dishes or in any recipes that ask for red pepper
  • Add in the beginning of cooking to bloom and release their volatile oils or as a finishing spicy seasoning

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I use instead of Kashmiri chillies?

Simple or smoke paprika along with cayenne pepper is the best alternative. Paprika tastes similar to Kasmiri Chilli, while cayenne paper adds to its spice.

2. How hot are dried Kashmiri chillies?

Dried Kashmiri chilli is more flavorful than hot, ranging from 1,000-2,000 Scoville Heat Units. It’s mildly hot but not too spicy.

3. Is paprika and Kashmiri chilli the same?

These spices are different. Paprika is the sweet cousin of Kashmiri chilli specific to western cuisine. Kashmiri chilli popular in Indian cuisine and is hotter than paprika.

4. How to make Kashmiri chilli powder at home?

Place the Kashmiri chilli under the sun for two days. When the chillies turn crispy, grind them in a food mill. Cool down the powder and store it in an airtight jar.

5. Where can I buy Kashmiri chilli powder?

You can easily find Kashmiri chilli powder in the spices section at your nearest grocery store or simply order it online from our website.

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