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Liquorice, a rhizome of a plant and ancient herb has a very sweet and anise flavour and considered a versatile ingredient. Liquorice is popular in Italy and Spain in its natural form as a mouth freshener. It is also excellent when combined with anise, vanilla and cinnamon to poach stone fruits. In Asian countries, it is often an ingredient in Chinese master stocks. Also, it is used due to its health and medicinal properties.

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Culinary Notes:

With a sweet anise flavour, Licorice Root can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes as well as brewed in teas. Paired perfectly with vanilla and anise, bloom them in a warm pan before using.

Health benefits:

Licorice has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce gastric inflammation


100% dried Licorice Root

Country of origin:


Other names or spelling:

Black Sugar, Spanish Juice, Sweetroot, Sweetwood, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Liquorice, Jathimadh, Liquirizia, Reglissa, Sweet Wood

How to use:

  • Use sparingly as it is very sweet
  • Use in marinades and tea
  • Use it as a confectionary flavouring
  • Infuse in compotes of fruit
  • In Chinese cuisine is often used with star anise, Szechuan Pepper and Ginger.
  • Use in master stocks and other savoury dishes
  • Add at the beginning of cooking to best impart its flavour

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