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Product description

Marjoram is a small, sweet, and aromatic herb that belongs to the oregano and mint family. Dried Marjoram Leaves are generally more pungent than their fresh counterparts with a savoury and grassy flavour subtler than oregano and milder than thyme. It is a prominent ingredient in Mediterranean cooking and blends such as bouquet garni, herbs de Provence, mixed herbs, and Za'atar.

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Culinary Notes:

Sweet, savoury and aromatic, Marjoram belongs to the same family as oregano and mint with a similar, yet milder flavour to thyme. We pick our Marjoram leaves at their peak and dry them to lock in maximum flavour and aroma.

Health benefits:

Marjoram has many health benefits and is a source of vitamins and minerals. It helps with laryngitis and is also known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is a source of vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin K as well as iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium.


100% dried Marjoram Leaves

Country of origin:

Mediterranean region

Other names or spelling:

Sweet Marjoram, Knotted Marjoram, Pot Marjoram, Origanum marjorana

How to use:

  • In Polish cuisine use to flavour meats as sausages, liverwurst, and bologna
  • Use to make cheeses, soups, sauces, bread and vegetables
  • Add to flavour chicken and turkey stuffing, lamb, beef, pork, fish and poultry dishes
  • Use to enhance flavour of pasta sauce, tomato dishes and casseroles
  • It can be blended with other Italian herbs
  • It goes well with garlic, thyme, basil, black pepper, chilli powder, paprika or parsley
  • Use to flavour carrots, cucumbers, green salads, omelettes and soufflés
  • Add during the cooking process, or after as a finishing garnish

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