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Nutmeg is a unique, versatile, and sweet spice. It is the dried, large, and hard seed of a pear-shaped fruit. It is finely ground, has a brown colour, and contains a high oil quantity. Has a warm aromatic flavour that complements a diversity of foods, particularly sweet dishes. Its ground form is generally preferred for baking when a pre-ground powder is more convenient. The Spice People carry these nutmeg products; nutmeg ground and nutmeg whole.

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Culinary Notes:

A warm, highly-aromatic sweet spice that's used to add a spiced warmth to both sweet and savoury dishes. Its flavour and aroma is quite pungent and can be overwhelming, so use sparingly.

Health benefits:

Nutmeg has many health benefits. It can be used as an aid to digestion and to sleep. Also, it can protect the brain against degenerative diseases.


100% Ground Nutmeg

Country of origin:

Sri Lanka

Other names or spelling:

Muskat, Muskatnuss, Myristica fragrans

How to use:

  • Use it in cakes, muffins, bread, biscuits, spice rubs, and roasts
  • Use it in vegetable recipes such as squash, pumpkin, carrot, spinach, and sweet potato pie
  • Use it in stews, cream and pumpkin soup, meatballs and sausages
  • Use in milk drinks
  • Use in sweet dishes and with fruit
  • For recipes that ask for the whole nutmeg, use one tablespoon of ground nutmeg
  • It combines well with cheese, custard tarts, lamb casseroles, soufflés, pasta, ricotta fritters, rice dishes, and stuffing

Recipe/product links:

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