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Product Description

Onion flakes are made from fresh onions which are gently roasted, chopped, and dried. This handy mix saves those tears and is great to take camping where space and refrigeration are limited. The Spice People carry these onion products: onion flakes and onion powder.

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Culinary Notes:

We harvest our onions at their peak, roast them, chop them, and dry them so you can add a concentrated fragrant, savoury onion flavour super easily! Add both flavour and texture to just about any savoury dish - curries, soups, stews, pasta, roasts - you name it!

Health benefits:

Onions have many compounds responsible for their aroma and health benefits. The onion can help to increase bone density and has anti-inflammatory benefits.


100% dried Onion Flakes

How to Use:

  • Use 1 tablespoon dried to 1/2 fresh diced onion.
  • Rehydrate onion flakes by soaking them for 15 minutes and use them as fresh onions.
  • Use to flavour dishes as gravies, stews, meatballs, hamburgers, omelettes, chilli, and sour cream dips.
  • Use in soups, sauces, meats, poultry dish and vegetables
  • Use to make herb bread
  • Use in tuna or chicken salads.
  • Sprinkle on beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and beef before roasting

Recipe/product links:

Click below or scan the QR code on the back of your product packet to find recipes and how-to-use instructions Cream of Celeriac Soup Japanese Nagano Chicken

Country of Origin:

Central Asia and the Middle East

Other Names or Spelling:

Onion chopped, onion flakes, slices of onion, allium cepa

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I buy dried onion flakes?

You can easily find dried Onion flakes in the spices section at your nearest grocery store or simply order them online from our website.

2. Are onion flakes the same as onion powder?

Onion powder is made by grinding dried onion with its roots and skin, whereas onion flakes are dried finely chopped onion.

3. What are dried onion flakes used for?

Dried onion flakes serve as a substitute for fresh onion in curry, sauces, stews and soup. They add a richer sweet onion punch to the dishes.

4. How do you make homemade onion flakes?

Cut thin slices of onion. Place it inside a dehydrator at 150 degrees for straight 8 hours. You can also bake it at the same oven temperature. When it’s dry completely, the onion flakes are ready.

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