Powdered Smoke Mesquite Blend

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Product Description

Powdered Mesquite Smoke blend is the perfect and easy way of adding a delicious smoky flavour eliminating the need for the smoking process. Add to your marinades or simply sprinkle on during the grilling process, it'll taste like your meat has just come from the smoker! Try our other smoky blends such as Manuka Smoke Powder, Hickory Smoke Powder, and Smoky BBQ Rub, or give all a try with our Smoky BBQ saver bundle!  
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Culinary notes:

Powdered smoke mesquite blend can be used in foods or on foods making them a great addition to sausages & meat. You can add powdered smoke mesquite blend to any food including sauces, soups, and stuffings, or sprinkle on your BBQ meats while they're on the grill. Mesquite is very popular in the USA as a smoking flavour and is a sharper stronger smoke flavour than the Hickory.


pure mesquite smoke powder

Country of Origin:


How to use:

  • Try adding powdered smoke mesquite blend to your burger mince for a delicious smoky hamburger
  • Rub generously on the skin of your pork loin before roasting.
  • Mix in with some BBQ sauce for a wonderful smoky sauce perfect for serving with meat or on sandwiches
  • Mix with some olive oil and salt and pepper and marinate some steaks before grilling on the BBQ
  • Eliminates the need for the smoking process as the flavour is added during the curing, drying, or manufacturing stage
  • Ratio for use: use at 3% by volume or protein weight


Keep the pack well sealed and away from other products that adsorb aromas.

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