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Sage leaves are from a small perennial herb native to the Mediterranean, that have greyish green leaves. It has a strong, astringent, sweet savoury and peppery flavour and a fresh aroma reminiscent of balsamic. It is an essential herb for pork and poultry stuffing. Commonly used in Italian cooking, particularly with veal. Also, it is good with cheese dishes, eggplant, lame, soups, stews, turkey and vegetables.

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Culinary Notes:

With a strong, astringent, sweet savoury and peppery flavour and a fresh aroma reminiscent of balsamic, Sage is paired perfectly with meats like pork and veal, but can also be added to just about any savoury dish. Soups, stews, pasta sauces, cheese sauces, roasts, Sage is one of the most versatile and popular herbs.

Health benefits:

Sage is a herb that belongs to the mint family, and contains volatile oils and flavonoids and acids that have several medicinal properties. It is anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory and it is closely associated with a the better functioning of the brain as an outstanding memory enhancer


100% dried Sage Leaves

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Other names or spelling:

Garden Sage, True Sage, Salvia, Salvia officianalis

How to use:

  • As dried sage leaves are stronger than fresh sage leaves, it should be used sparingly. Use 1tsp of dried in place of 1 handful of fresh.
  • Use it with fatty dishes and meats to balance the intensity.
  • Use it with other savoury herbs for pork and poultry stuffing.
  • In Italian cooking use it for veal dishes such as scallopini sauces, pizza and pasta.
  • Sprinkle with salt on crisp potato wedges.
  • Use it with corn, cucumbers, lamb, game, rabbit, venison, squash, stews, sweet potatoes, stuffing, turkey, and vegetables.
  • Great to add flavour to sauces, soups, dressings and marinades
  • Combine with thyme, rosemary and oregano to make the popular mixed herbs.
  • Sprinkle over onions, eggplant and tomatoes.
  • Adds flavour to soft cheese dishes and cream sauces.
  • Add fresh sage to omelettes and frittatas.
  • Combine with bell peppers, cucumbers and sweet onions with plain yogurt for a salad

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