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Sesame seeds Black are tiny, flat oval seeds from the sesame plant whose pods pop open when it reaches maturity scattering the seeds, hence the term “Open Sesame”. These are the unhulled form of white sesame seeds & have a more crunchy texture. When chewed they have a similar nutty flavour with a hint of extra sharpness. Used more in savoury dishes like stir-fry vegetables & Japanese seasonings. Due to its deep, rich aroma and oil-rich, nutty flavour, they are preferred over white sesame in East Asian cuisines, especially in Japanese and Chinese cooking. We also stock Sesame Seeds White.
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Culinary Notes:

Sesame seeds due to its deep, rich aroma and flavour can be used in several plates, salads and dressings. Toast them to obtain a stronger flavour.

Health benefits:

Sesame seeds black are rich in calcium, protein, and B-Vitamins, niacin and folate. They contain 60% more calcium and higher levels of antioxidant than sesame seeds white. They contain magnesium, copper, high in fibre, zinc, iron and phosphorus. The copper helps to have healthy skin, nails and immune system.


100% dried Whole Black Sesame Seeds

Country of origin :

Grown in India, Packed in Australia

Other names or spelling:

Black Sesame, Benne, Gingelly, Golden Sesame, White Sesame, Sesamum indicum, Kura Goma (Japanese), Ajonjolí or Sésamo (Spanish, ) Semi Di Sesamo (Italian) , Till, Teel or Sésame (French), Til (Urdu & Hindi, Bengali), Ellu or Ell (Tamil), Nuvvulu (Telugu), Raashi (Oriya)

How to use:

  • They go well with starches, like rice, noodles or rice cakes
  • Combine raw garlic, green chilli, and black sesame seeds and add some vinaigrette to have a winter salad
  • In Korean cuisine, they go well with rice cakes and chillies
  • Toast the seeds and sprinkle them to a bar or chocolate cake before cooking
  • Blend them into a Chinese soup
  • Sprinkled on several varieties of vegetables, noodles and even in rice
  • Use in pie crusts as well as a substitute for nuts
  • Use as a garnish on various starters or as crispy coating on various food items.
  • Combine with white sesame seeds and other spices for encrusting fish and meats to get a mellow and nutty flavour and give a beautiful presentation
  • Use for stir-fry or seasoning rice & veggies

How to Select:

Try to select high-quality Sesame Seeds Black with its distinctive deep, rich aroma and make sure that the seeds are covered or packed to ensure freshness. Store them in the refrigerator during warm weather due to the high oil content in the seeds to prevent going rancid. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place during other seasons.

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