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Our Smoky BBQ rub is a must have for any cook passionate about grilling. We came up with this blend with the idea of having it as a staple on-hand spice mix in the pantry for whatever occasion strikes. Whether it be roasting potatoes or grilling meat let this blend do all the flavour work for you!
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Culinary notes:

One of our most versatile blend, you can add this go-to Smoky BBQ Rub to just about anything! With sweet, smoky, spicy, savoury notes this blend is packed with flavour and makes anything its added to finger-linkin'-good. A true taste of the deep south right in your pantry.


chipotle chillies, ancho chillies, smokey paprika, pepper, cumin, oregano, garlic, sea salt.  

How to use:

  • Combine with olive oil and brush over some veggies before roasting
  • Dry rub over a lamb shoulder before placing in the slow cooker
  • Sprinkle on steaks whilst grilling on a hot BBQ
  • Rub generously on a whole chicken before roasting for a crisp flavoursome skin and tender juicy meat
  • Mix in with tinned tomatoes on the stove top for a delicious versatile tomato sauce
  • Add to minced meat for taco night!
  • Tip - add a little brown sugar to get a beautiful caramalised finish
  • Replace an array of spices in a dish with this one handy blend
  • Use 1tbsp to 500g of protein

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