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A dish encompassing the Spanish way of life, Paella is a flavourful rice-based dish of seafood, meat, punchy spices, and fresh lemon all made to be shared. Combining, saffron, sweet and smoky paprikas, clove, garlic, and sundried tomato, this blend forms the basis of so many renowned Spanish dishes and is indicative of what life in Spain is all about– bold, bright flavour. Each packet has a recipe on the back of the packet or you can scan the Qr code and choose one of our other favourites! servings 8 packet wt 30g
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A stroll through the streets of any town in Spain is perfumed by the wafting aromas of garlic, saffron, and paprika. These three essential ingredients form the basis of so many favourite Spanish dishes and point to what this cuisine is all about – bold, bright flavour and rich, vibrant colour. The first recorded Spanish recipes date back to the fourteenth century when food was greatly influenced by the Moors, Arabs, Sephardic Jews, French and Italians. As a gateway between Africa, Europe, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Spain has been fought over throughout history, but each cultural influence has had an inspiration on Spanish cuisine.  Developed in the Valencia region on Spain’s east coast by field workers in the 15th century, Paella has stood the tests of time and evolved, with many incarnations from duck, chicken, and chickpeas to vegetarian, but of course, the most popular version includes the wonderful fruits of the Mediterranean Sea. Use this blend to make an authentic Paella at home or just to add a taste of Spain to any dishes from grilled meat or fish, roast chicken or veggies, or sprinkled atop fresh dips or salads before serving. 
Spanish Chorizo & Red Pepper PaellaPimento flavours of chorizo marry perfectly with the sweetness of red peppers and the Paella blend Spanish Paella with Chicken & PrawnsTender chicken and plump prawns make the perfect combination for this surf and turf take on a traditional paella Spanish Vegetable PaellaArtichokes, olives, and capers bring all the umami flavour to this delicious vegetarian version Spanish Paella with Prawns Enjoy the simplicity of  prawn paella with capsicum and tomato
paprika smokey, paprika sweet, sea salt (6g), sun-dried tomato, garlic, turmeric, pepper, cloves, and saffron. Allergen advice: Packed in a facility that processes tree nuts and sesame seeds. We are 100% Australian and we create this delicious pure spice blend here in Australia from at least 29% Australian ingredients.

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