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Vanilla Bean Powder is made from pure vanilla beans that are harvested when ripe, sun-dried and ground locking in flavour, aroma and freshness. The vanilla bean is a long pod-shaped fruit that's harvested from the vanilla orchid that flowers only once a year. Each pod has thousands of sweetly scented seeds inside known as the vanilla caviar. Used in cuisines around the world to add a buttery, sweet flavour and aroma, vanilla is one of the most pure and most-used spices. The most superior beans are dried to a moisture content of 25-30%. Other products: Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Bean Whole
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Culinary Notes:

Made from sun-dried & ground pure vanilla beans, Vanilla Bean Powder can be used in a range of sweet and savoury dishes to impart a buttery, floral, caramel-like vanilla flavour. Grown in equatorial regions of the world, vanilla beans are harvested from the vanilla orchid that flowers once a year. Our beans are hand-selected and graded before drying and grinding, and are of pure Grade-A quality. Grade-A beans appear darker in colour than Grade-B and have a much richer aroma and flavour.

Health Benefits:

Vanilla contains essentials oils, vitamins, and minerals. It contains small amounts of B-complex, niacin, pantothenic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, and vitamin B-6. These vitamins help the nervous system function and regulating body metabolism. Vanilla also contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, and zinc.


  • 100% pure ground vanilla beans
  • Packed in Australia from 100% imported products

Country of Origin:

Product of Indonesia

How to Use:

  • As it's flavour is so concentrated, only a small amount at a time is needed
  • Add a dash to your morning porridge for an instant vanilla hit
  • Use in place of vanilla extract or whole vanilla beans
  • Add a small dash to your coffee or chai for a subtle vanilla flavour
  • Make homemade vanilla ice cream, custard or yoghurt
  • Make vanilla-scented stewed stone fruits or berries for a delicious dessert
  • Use in cakes, cookies or any sweet baked goods
  • Add to savoury curries or slow-cooks to impart a unique flavour

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