Simple Moroccan Lamb Curry

Simple Moroccan lamb curry

This simple Moroccan lamb curry is so easy to make and packed full of flavour. Done in the pressure cooker this curry is ready in

Figs with marscapone and cardamom

Everyone loves dessert but they can often be time-consuming and difficult to make. This simple dessert using figs is super easy to make but doesn’t

Harissa lamb and Lentil stew

Harissa lamb and Lentil stew

This hearty Harissa lamb and Lentil stew will warm you from the inside and fill you up! Satisfying and flavor packed this dish is perfect

moroccan lamb shanks

Moroccan Lamb shanks

Moroccan Lamb Shanks are the perfect comfort dish this winter and must-do for all Moroccan food fans! The deep flavours of Moroccan cooking marry so

Moroccan Fish Fillets

Moroccan fish fillets

If you love the simple yet punchy flavours of Morocco then Moroccan fish fillets are one to try! This dish couldn’t be easier but boy