Tuna Bake with Clove and Paprika

In this recipe Lynton from My Market Kitchen has ‘pimped up’ the average Tuna Bake with the addition of some Spice People spices. The inclusion

Green Fish Curry

People tend to shy away from making curries from scratch because the depth of flavour in them can seem complex to achieve; but in actual

grilled fish with moroccan ras el hanout spice

Moroccan Fish fillets

If you love the simple yet punchy flavours of Morocco then my Morroccan Fish Fillets are one to try! This dish couldn’t be easier but

keralan fish curry

Keralan Fish curry

After seeing Matt Preston’s article in the newspaper this week’s taste in the herald sun   discussing his favorite indian curries with  Sanjeev Kapoor (One

south indian rice and seafood soup

South Indian rice and fish soup

Inspiration for this recipe came from jamie olivers’  dinners cook book – South Indian Rice and Seafood Soup.  I have been exploring  recipes from my