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We all know the amazing taste and benefits of the spiced drink chai but have you ever thought of using spices in your smoothies? Smoothies are an excellent way of getting vital nutrients into your body in a way that’s easy for your system to break down and digest.

With the addition of spices you can take your smoothies to the next level. Not only do they enhance the flavour of your smoothies, they are packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and loads of other nutrients to keep your body functioning at its best.

Check out these three delicious and nutritious smoothie recipes formulated by our Spice People founder, Liz and My Market Kitchen’s Emma Dean.

As Emma says ‘Spices make your meals go from zero to hero’ so give them a go in your smoothie today and make your body the hero.

– Wattle Seed Spiced Egg Flip

Wattle seed is an Australian native that’s been harvested from the wattle plant, roasted and ground creating a rich aroma and flavour. Its toasted scent has the tantalising undertone of roasted coffee beans so is a great substitute when you want the coffee flavour without the caffeine. Combined with egg and banana in this smoothie; it is a wholesome, energising pick-me-up for that 3pm slump.

– Turmeric Tropical Smoothie

Turmeric is used commonly in savoury dishes but its earthy, fragrant scent lends itself very well to sweet flavours. Turmeric is known as a wonder spice these days for its myriad of health and medicinal benefits; so when combined in this smoothie with vitamin-dense fruits like mango and pineapple, you have yourself an instant injection of nutrients that tastes great! With the addition of a little ground black pepper, the properties of turmeric are enhanced making this drink a wonderful digestive aid and very easy for your body to process.

– Saffron-Infused Smoothie

Saffron is the most luxurious of spices so this drink is a real treat. With the inclusion of cardamom, dubbed Queen of the spices by Liz, you’ll have yourself a calming, relaxing and restorative drink with a sweet twist.

Use our easy-to-follow recipes and watch along with Liz and Emma to whip these up yourself at home.

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  1. Simply add your ingredients into a blender or food processor and blend away! Pour into 2 glasses and add garnish of your choice. Drink and enjoy.

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