Beetroot Halwa

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beetroot halwa

Beetroot Halwa is a delicious and healthy dessert that’s sweetened naturally with the wonderful flavour of beetroots and a small amount of condensed milk. Beetroot halwa is a very versatile desert which once mastered the basic method the beetroot can be substituted for carrots/semolina/bitter gourd (bitter melon).

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  1. Saute ghee/ butter in a sauce pan. Add a dash of condensed milk .( or 1/4 cup full cream milk and 1 tbsp sugar )
    then add currants and cashews , saute a further 2 min.
    add the cardamom powder and stir into mixture.



  2. Reduce the heat to low /simmer and stir through the grated beetroot or carrots and the remaining condensed milk ( plus remaining milk and sugar if using) continue to stir occasionally  so it does not burn the base of the saucepan and slowly thickens.

    Serve hot or cold

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