Chicken Vadouvan curry – french inspired curry

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french chicken vadouvan curry

What is Vadouvan?

Vadouvan curry powder is a French blend of Indian curry powder. It is made up of classic curry seasonings, which includes mustard seeds, fenugreek, cumin, coriander, cardamom, and chilli peppers. The spice gets its appetizing aroma from garlic and shallots. It has some whole spices and seeds with dried shallot and garlic in pieces, unlike most other curry powder that are completely grounded.

How can we use Vadouvan Curry powder?

This French Vadouvan curry powder is rich in savoury flavour. The taste resembles more Western cuisine than Indian spices. Vadouvan curry powder can be used to cook most French-style curries and chicken salads. It complements shrimp and fish as a part of the marinade. You can use it just like your regular curry powder.

The French who colonized the Pondicherry area of eastern India took a liking to the local flavours and made this version their own. A larger-than-usual leaning towards dried onion and garlic, and the freshness of curry leaves, makes this blend mild and a little sweet.


The shelf-life of spices is 3 to 4 years. Store Vadouvan curry powder in airtight containers away from humidity in a cool and dark place to ensure its freshness for maximum time.

Is Vadouvan curry powder and the regular curry powder the same?

Vadouvan curry powder was made to serve a similar purpose that of curry powder but to satisfy the western taste buds. You can call it a French equivalent of the British curry powder. Vadouvan curry powder has a milder taste that is somewhat sweet and smoky as compared to regular curry powders. The regular curry powder has higher cumin content, whereas the Vadouvan has a subtle touch of it and is more refined. All Vadouvan blends do vary in colour as not all of them contain turmeric.

Why Vadouvan curry powder?

  • Vadouvan curry powder enhances and intensifies the flavour profile of the chicken curry. You will find it surprisingly quite different from most curries.
  • The curry flavour enhances with time, making the leftover more delicious.
  • This recipe has no keto and gluten. It is low in carbs as well.
  • You can serve it with cauliflower rice, smoked rice, okra or zoodles for its best flavour.
  • The recipe can be prepared in no time.

Tip – Heat Vadouvan, the curry powder in the oil, to enhance the aroma and flavour.

Spices used in this recipe

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please note vadouvan curry is currently not in production.
We suggest you use  20g  korma curry powder with 1tsp each of dried onion and garlic powder and 2-3 curry leaves.



  1. Heat oil in large saucepan, saute onion for 5 min, add vadouvan curry powder
    Stir 1 minute then add chicken.
    Stir to seal on all sides.
    Add salt, water to cover and tamarind or lemon.
  2. Simmer 20 minutes or until meat is cooked.

    Remove from heat, stir yoghurt through and serve immediately with rice and garnish with fresh coriander leaves.

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