Fish Tacos with Limey Avo and Corn Tortillas

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The moist, flaky white fish in this Fish Tacos recipe is the perfect flavour carrier for our super-flavourful Mexican Taco Spice Mix. Combined with zesty, fresh slaw and creamy smashed limey avo, and served wrapped in warm soft tortillas, these little flavour parcels are as fresh as they are delicious!

I like to use flathead, but you can easily use any firm white fish you have – barramundi, cod, hake, you name it! This seasoning is so versatile, whatever protein you use is super-delicious.

Taco Tuesday at its finest!

Spices used in this recipe

  • Mexican Taco Spice Mix – Mild, Salt-free

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    Our Mexican Taco spice mix is all you need to bring the authentic flavours of Mexico to your tacos. This mix has a big hit of flavour yet is very mild in heat so is perfect for the whole family. Although it has been specially blended with tacos in mind, this delicious blend can be added to just about any dish for a Mexican twist. Our flavourful blend is also a salt-free one so is a much healthier alternative to many of the other bottled sauces and blends on the market.

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  1. In a bowl, mix together the taco seasoning, the juice of one of the limes, 1tbspn olive oil, and a small pinch of salt.

    Add your fish fillets and toss to coat in the mixture. Set aside.


  2. In a small bowl, add your avocado, another pinch of salt, and the juice of 1/2 the other lime – mash with a fork until your desired guacamole consistency.

    In another bowl, add the remaining lime, the mayo, and a 1tbspn olive oil and mix.
    Add in your cabbage and corn and toss to coat in the dressing.

    Set both bowls on the table for serving.

  3. Place a pan on medium heat. Add a drizzle of olive oil and when hot, add your fish fillets in, cooking for 2-3 mins on each side or until cooked all the way through. Remove from the pan and set on a plate.

    Place your pan back on the heat and warm your tortillas through one at a time on both sides.

    To serve, place the fish, slaw, avo, and tortillas on the table for an easy self-serve dinner, and enjoy!

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