Fried quail and pasta dish

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quail pasta

Fried quail and pasta dish is the ideal comfort dish with a touch of elegance. Using only a few good quality ingredients you can create something really special. Seasoning the quail with our chinese salt and pepper mix it creates a beautiful crispy skin with a punch of flavour. The simplicity of the pasta alongside the richness of the quail meat makes this dish a winner!

If you can’t get hold of some quail try using chicken.

Spices used in this recipe


  1. rub chinese salt n pepper mix into quail or chicken pieces.

    Heat oil in pan, and add onion, tomatoe, garlic, chilli  and  meat. Keerp heat on high stiring frequently to brown meat and caramelise other ingredients. T.his only takes a few minutes so make sure to have the pasta cooked at the same time

    cook pasta separately according to instructions on packet. i used fresh ribbon pasta for this recipe but any pasta will do.

    serve imediately with fresh coriander leaves.

    Ithe sauce  should have just enough juice to coat the pasta. Deglazing the pan after you have removed the quail sauce with a few tablespoons of water and drizzling over pasta provides enough flavour to soak into the pasta.

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