Ham hock and lentil soup

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Ham hock and lentil soup

One of the best uses for the left over xmas ham is to make a hearty  lentil or bean soup. I froze the ham bone after xmas and  with the cooler change in weather i thought i would make a ham and lentil  soup.  i have 2 other versions  that are family staples in our house -ham hock and 3 bean soup and hearty split pea and ham soup. I will share the other  two with you  over the coming winter months. In this homey ham and lentil soup the addition of  tasty condiments like garlic toast  sour cream and crisp sunflower seeds lifts the dish to gourmet fare.

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  1. Heat oil(butter ) in a pan and  add chopped onion, garlic, celery, carrots . Saut’e 5 mins

  2. Add the ham hock, lentils, stock, water , thyme, rosemary, bay leaf and mustard powder. bring to the boil and simmer for 2-21/2 hours until the ham fall off the bone.

  3. Lift out he ham hock and let cool slightly.

    Remove the ham  from the bone and tear into  small chunks .discarding any excess large pieces of fat. Place the ham pieces back into the pot. Add the parsley

  4. For a slightly thicker style soup . after you have removed the ham hock bone but before you  put back in the ham chinks.  whirl about  half the mixture in a food processor or blender . put back in with the rest of the soup and ham pieces.

  5. Serve with crusty warm bread and condiments such as toasted sunflower seeds and a sprinkling of fresh parsley