Healthy fudgy choc bites – the perfect Easter treat

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When easter rolls around it can be hard to stick to the healthy eating regime you’ve worked so hard to put in place and resist the temptation of eating a Cadbury egg or 6. With so many healthy treat making innovations around these days it’s making it a lot easier to curb those sweet cravings the healthy way.

These fudgy choc bites are the perfect Easter treat that won’t have you feeling like you’re missing out this Easter but without the guilt. Plus, they’re so sweet and delicious the kids will have no idea they’re actually healthy! Helping to tone down those sugar-crazed afternoons I usually experience when the kids have had too many chocolate eggs.

I add in an all-natural protein powder to my recipe to help keep me satisfied for longer and know that i’m getting my daily protein hit but it’s totally optional and can be skipped if you don’t wish to add it. This recipe is very flexible and you can add in pretty much anything you like. I often like to add in some Goji Berries for a little added sweetness and chew or even some cashews or peanuts for some crunch.

The raw cacao powder in it is rich in magnesium helping with muscle recovery and sleep and the maca powder is excellent for hormones whilst adding a slight caramel twist.

See below for this super easy recipe and enjoy!

Spices used in this recipe

  • Ground Ceylon Cinnamon

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    Ground Ceylon Cinnamon

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    Ceylon Cinnamon Ground or ‘True Cinnamon’ is the variety used for medicinal and culinary purposes. It is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several tree species from the genus Cinnamomum. Ceylon Cinnamon is used in both sweet and savoury foods to impart a warm spice flavour. In the Middle East, it is commonly paired with meats such as chicken and lamb. The term ‘cinnamon’ also refers to its mid-brown colour.




  1. Combine all ingredients and pour immediately into silicon moulds or cupcake cases (mini or standard) and place in the fridge (30-45 mins) or freezer (for 15 minutes or so) to harden.

    And enjoy! As simple as that!

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