Healthy Beef Tacos – Salt and Sugar-Free Cooking

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Tacos are a family favourite however, most supermarket brands have way too much unnecessary salt and sugar in the ingredient list. The reason is simple, its cheaper to  create flavour with these 2 items and also results in flat, one-dimensional flavoured sauces and seasonings.

Our ethos here at The Spice People is all about adding maximum flavour the healthy, wholesome way and using a delicate blend of different spices to create a deep, rich flavour that’s won’t have you missing the salt and sugar one bit.
This is why we are super excited to add this amazing tasty taco blend to our growing collection of salt-free spice blends. With our knowledge and expert team, we’ve done the tricky art of spice blending for you so you can enjoy delicious meals the easy and healthy way!

For most of our spice blends, we recommend 1 tbspn per 500g protein; with the salt-free blends, we suggest 2 tblspns as the extra bit of  spice will give you a wonderful depth of flavour. If you saute the spice and onion at a moderate temperature you will caramelise the onion and release the sugars which will add a richness and mellow sweetness to the dish.

These tacos are fast, fresh and super simple are a guaranteed family-favourite!

Spices used in this recipe


  1. Heat oil in  a saucepan, add onion, and mushrooms. saute 5min , then add the  taco spice mixture and saute  2 min. Add the meat  and saute a further 15 min until cooked and  slightly caramelised.

  2. Assembly:  While the meat is cooking, prepare the  individual fillings  -avocado, tomatoe, lettuce, and cheese.
    Prepare taco shells  as per packet  instructions and serve  warm to allow assembly of the tacos.


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