Honey-Glazed Pumpkin and Haloumi with Dukkah

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I absolutely love my halloumi! Crisp and golden on the outside, gooey and soft inside, its an utter delight every time and this dish has to be one of my favourite ways of serving it. The sweet honey glaze with the added spice and flavour punch of the Egyptian Dukkah creates a sticky outer glaze on both the pumpkin and the halloumi that is quickly set off by the zest of fresh lemon juice. I like to add some dollops of tangy, creamy Greek yoghurt and some fresh bursts of pomegranate and coriander leaves, but you can use any herb or adornment you like or just serve as is.

Great as a side dish to any grilled meat, or as a standalone veggie dish with perhaps a few rocket or spinach leaves on the side.
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  • Egyptian Dukkah Original – Mild

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    Egyptian Dukkah Original – Mild

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    Dukkah is essentially a blend of roasted nuts seasoned with herbs and spices. The most popular use of this traditional Middle-Eastern blend is to take Turkish bread and dip in olive oil, then dip the bread into the dukkah as a tasty snack. Our blend is made with roasted and crushed hazelnuts and raw ground almonds combined with sesame seeds, cumin, coriander, sumac, marjoram, thyme and salt.

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  1. Preheat your oven to 220c degrees/200c fan-forced. In a bowl, combine your dukkah, olive oil, and honey and mix well. Lay your pumpkin slices out on a lined baking tray and brush them with half of the honey/oil mixture. Roast in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until cooked through and golden on the outside.

  2. When the pumpkin has 5 minutes left, place a pan on medium heat with a good glug of olive oil. When hot, add your haloumi slices and cook until nice and golden on both sides. Remove the slices from the pan and while still hot, brush with the leftover honey/oil mixture over each slice along with a generous squeeze of the half lemon.

  3. Lay your roasted pumpkin and haloumi slices out on the platter and garnish with small dollops of Greek yoghurt and adorn with fresh coriander leaves and pomegranate. Enjoy!

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