Japanese Nagano Chicken

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Japanese Chick Curry

Our version of the Japanese Nagano Chicken was inspired from the abundant apples grown in the Nagano region. In 2013 I visited my daughter who was working on organic farms in the region. I was amazed at the inclusion of apples in everything from chocolate to curries. I just had to make  my own version using traditional japanese spices and apples and no msg (any versions of this curry in Australia contain msg). Using apples adds a mild sweetness to the curry, particularly when sautéed with onions. This has become a family favorite which I’m delighted to share with you.

Spices used in this recipe

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  1. Saute onion, garlic, ginger & apple in oil in a heavy based pan (5-7 mins)

  2. Add 1 sachet The Spice People 3 step (Curry Connoisseur) Nagano spice mix and saute for a few more minutes

  3. Add chicken, stock, carrots, potatoes, tonkatsu sauce.

  4. Reduce heat & simmer for 20mins

  5. Add in beans or peas & cook for a few more mins

  6. Serve with rice

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