Japanese Nagano Chicken

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Japanese Chick Curry

Our version of the Japanese Nagano Chicken was inspired from the abundant apples grown in the Nagano region. In 2013 I visited my daughter who was working on organic farms in the region. I was amazed at the inclusion of apples in everything from chocolate to curries. I just had to make  my own version using traditional japanese spices and apples and no msg (any versions of this curry in Australia contain msg). Using apples adds a mild sweetness to the curry, particularly when sautéed with onions. This has become a family favorite which I’m delighted to share with you.

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    Curry Japanese Nagano – Mild

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    Curry Japanese Nagano – Mild

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    Japanese nagano curry is inspired by a recent trip to Japan. I was amazed at the abundance of apples grown in the Nagano region, and how they used them to flavour every thing from choclate kit kats to curry. The key is the distinct sweetness apples give when saut’eed with onions. This versatile mild curry works well with chicken, beef and vegetables, perfect for the whole family. We have not used msg in our recipe which is typical of many japanese brand curries you find on the supermarket shelves. We have also given you a method to create the thick gravy like texture using simple alternative ingredients to the roux cubes. I personally prefer to leave the gravy sauce out and appreciate the delicate flavours of the apples, onions and other vegetables.

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  1. Saute onion, garlic, ginger & apple in oil in a heavy based pan (5-7 mins)

  2. Add 1 sachet The Spice People 3 step (Curry Connoisseur) Nagano spice mix and saute for a few more minutes

  3. Add chicken, stock, carrots, potatoes, tonkatsu sauce.

  4. Reduce heat & simmer for 20mins

  5. Add in beans or peas & cook for a few more mins

  6. Serve with rice

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