Keralan Green Bean Vegetarian Curry

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vegetarian bean curry

Southern regions of India is the main area for coconut plantations so they are very cheap and nutritious, naturally, it is no wonder that they use this healthy ingredient to flavour many of their curries. This vegetarian green bean curry was inspired by my trip to the Keralan region in 2016. We have adapted the recipe to show you how to use with our ready-made curry blends Curry Madras mild or Curry Bombay Madras for a hotter version.
This is a versatile vegetarian / vegan curry and you can add or make this curry with other vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, or broccoli. We love the simplicity of one ingredient curries, as you can pair with other curries for a more balanced meal.
image courtesy of sri Lankan cooking school.

Spices used in this recipe

  • Curry Leaves

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    Curry Leaves

    Product description

    Curry leaves (also known as kadi patta) are the predominant flavour and aroma in Madras curry, as well as other popular Indian and Sri Lankan dishes. They have a delicate spicy citrus flavour and are incredibly aromatic.

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  • Mustard Seeds Black whole

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    Mustard Seeds Black whole

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    Black Mustard Seeds are less mild and more pungent than the yellow variety. They have a savoury, tangy, and pungent spicy taste. Black seeds are used particularly in Indian, African and German cuisine due to their heat flavour and appearance. They are a key ingredient in the Indian blend Panch Phora.

    The spice people carry these mustard products; mustard seeds black, mustard seeds yellow and mustard powder.

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  • Curry Madras – Mild

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    Curry Madras – Mild

    Product description

    Madras Curry blend is characterized by a delicious rich earthy tangy flavor, mild heat, and intense yellow color. Although it is not a traditional Indian spice blend, its history goes back to British colonial rule and the city of Madras in southern India.

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  1. Put some oil in a deep frying pan and, when it’s hot, add the onion, chilli, ginger and garlic saute 5 min, till golden color
    dd the curry madras, mustard seeds, & curry leaves and stir until the mustard seeds pop.
    Add the dried coconut and coconut milk, season and cook everything at a simmer until the sauce thickens.

  2. Add the green beans, cover and cook for 5–8 minutes, or until they are tender.
    Season with salt and pepper.
    Serve with rice and poppadoms.

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