Malaysian Beef Rendang Curry

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malaysian beef rendang

Malaysian beef rending is a spiced meat curry enriched with kaffir lime, curry leaves, and ketcap manis (sweet soy sauce). The ketcap manis helps to caramelise the flavours and gives a sweet aftertaste which is balanced by the zestiness of the kaffir lime. The dish forms part of the exciting Malaysian street food and is characterised by a drier texture, which helps as the curry is served wrapped in leaf parcels by street vendors. We have added coconut milk to the original curry to give it a more silky smooth texture and a milder heat rating.

What is rendang?

Rendang is a coconut beef stew that is tender and rich in taste. The flavorful rending beef explodes in an appetizing flavour in your mouth.

How long should you cook rendang?

Beef rendang should be stirred, simmered and cooked carefully for three to four hours. Make sure to evaporate the coconut milk completely so the meat will absorb the versatile flavour of herbs and spices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rendang powder made from?

Rendang curry is a fragrant spice. This blend is mildly spicy as well as aromatic. It contains chillies, lemongrass, garlic, ginger, tamarind, coriander and turmeric as ingredients.

What do you serve with rendang?

You can serve rendang with pineapple salad, hard-boiled eggs, coconut rice and some raw chopped cucumber as a salad. You can also add a side dish like Plain steamed rice and flatbreads. Try serving it with Roti Jala, which is a simple lacy pancake. Nasi minyak (Malay pilau rice) is the conventional combination with beef rendang.

What is rendang?

Rendang is a coconut beef stew that is tender and rich in taste. The flavorful rending beef explodes in an appetizing flavour in your mouth.

What kind of beef is used for rendang?

Boneless beef, short ribs and stew beef are used for the rending curry. These beef cuts assure you soft and tender beef once the dish is ready.

What makes Beef Rendang so special?

The combination of spices and aroma added to it makes it special. Ginger and lemongrass alone are enough to enhance the recipe. Coconut milk can be added as well, along with the kerisik to add to it.

Can you use other meat to make Rendang?

Absolutely. Why not? You can use any variety in an equal amount. Using chicken is also a traditional way to cook rendang in many countries.

How can you store Rendang?

You can easily refrigerate it in an airtight container. Rendang gets better in taste with time, just like other slow-cooking dishes. You can also freeze it.

What can I use instead of rendang powder?

Rendang beef, as an Indonesian dish, contains all rending spices such as coriander, turmeric and chilli, so you can easily substitute it with curry powder.

Spices used in this recipe


  1. Heat oil or ghee in a saucepan. Add garlic, onion, ginger and sauté 5 min. Mix vinegar with Malaysian rending spice mix and add to onions together with kaffir lime and curry leaves Sauté a further 5 min.
    note: You can use fresh curry leaves and kaffir lime leaves, or if not available you can substitute 2 bay leaves.

  2. Add diced beef, brown well on high heat to caramelize the flavours. Add ketcap manis and enough of the water to create a thick sauce texture. Simmer 1 .5 hours.
    Add coconut milk or cream for a milder sweeter curry. Serve with rice and Asian greens.
    Remove kaffir lime leaves before serving.

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