Mexican bbq pork ribs

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The best thing about bbq rubs is how easy they are to make. I have blended our Mexican tex mex with smoked chipotle chillies to create amazing Mexican bbq pork ribs . The smokey flavours of Mexican and American spices blends is a perfect platform to experient with your outdoor cooking this summer. Whether you use a regular bbq or have ventured to the using a webber, American style smoker bbq or the mexican and Spanish fire pits which also double as an outdoor pizza oven. The results are so much better than roasting in the oven. the depth of flavour and caramalised bits on the meat edges delight your tastebuds and keep everyone coming back for more. I’m all about simply food cooked with flavour and depth. Slow cooked bbq food is so easy to make and preparation time is short and once set you can leave unattended till cooked leaving you free to enjoy your family and friends.

Make sure you check out our smokey bbq sauce which compliments this recipe and is easy to make.

Spices used in this recipe

  • Mexican Tex Mex – Mild

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    Mexican Tex Mex – Mild

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    A perfect blend for those who like it spicy. This versatile blend of chilli powder, sweet paprika, cumin, oregano, garlic, onion, and salt is great for taco seasoning or in chilli con carne. It also makes a great base for dishes such as Hungarian goulash, stews and soups. This spicy blend gives a Tex Mex aroma and flavour to many dishes.

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  • Sea Salt Flakes White

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    Sea Salt Flakes White

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  1. Mix spices together and rub into the pork, all over. Let rest for 30 min.


  2. Use a disposable foil baking dish or a dutch oven, if using an open outdoor fire pit.
    Slice the onion and apples into four equal wheels. These are then placed on the bottom of the foil dish or dutch oven . This will keep the pork away from the juices which will be released during cooking. We use a foil dish to capture the juices so we can make a smashing bbq sauce at the end. (If you don’t want to do this you can omit the apples and onions and just place the spiced pork directly on your bbq. In this case, use a high heat for 5 min on each side then turn down to low and close the lid for 1-1.5 hours.)

  3. Place the pork, rind side up on top of the apple and onion layers. If using a dutch oven place the lid securely and leave alone for 3-4 hours. I have another blog post on using the dutch oven, for those who would like to try this method. If using a disposable foil dish place into the bbq on med to low heat and allow to cook with the lid closed for 1- 2 hours till the meat reaches 160 degrees.

  4. Once the pork reaches 160Degrees , remove and place on a tray and loosely tent with foil and let rest 2omin. This will prevent all the juices running out as you pull the meat off the bone.

  5. Collect and scrap the juices and sticky bits of caramilised apple and onion and either make a gravy or use as the base for our south Carolina smokey bbq sauce

  6. Serve with a garden salad or home made corn tortilla wraps

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