Native Herb-Crusted BBQ Lamb

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There are few things more Aussie than a piece of lamb on the barbie.. that is until you roll that succulent tender lamb in a concoction of fragrant homegrown native Australian herbs. This recipe takes a beautiful loin of Australian lamb and crusts it in a mix of Native Mint, Thyme, Saltbush and Pepper Berry Leaf.

Serve alongside some roasted spuds and a fresh, crisp cos salad with a generous spritz of lemon and you have yourself a true taste of Australia!

We’ve used a back strap loin fillet in this recipe but you can sub it for lamb chops, leg, shoulder, you name it! Just simply adjust the cooking time and temperature accordingly.


  1. Add all 4 native dried leaves into a mortar and pestle and give a gentle grind to active their flavours and bind together. Sprinkle the mix onto a board in a single wide layer.

  2. Remove your lamb from the fridge at least 30 minutes before cooking (bringing the meat to room temperature will ensure a more even cook and a juicier result). Rub the loins with the olive oil and then roll each one in the herby mix, ensuring all sides are coated generously.

  3. Preheat your BBQ grill to a high heat. Once it’s searing hot, place the herb-crusted loins on the heat and cook for about 2-3 minutes on each side for medium rare – Keep turning the loins every 30 seconds or so to ensure an even cook and that the herbs don’t burn. Remove from the grill and rest for at least 5 minutes under foil. Slice into thick pieces, serve and enjoy!

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